Rose Variety

We produce 250-300 varieties of Roses on our Rose nursery each year, which allows us to offer the best selection possible to our customers. All rose varieties are tried and tested for their suitability to the Irish climate.

Our Rose Varieties include:

Hybrid Teas




Ground Cover

David Austin English


Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic

Uncle Tom’s Famous rose tonic is now available to amateur gardeners. This tonic utilises the power of potassium phosphite. This is synthetic plant food that is identical to natural plant food. Professional growers have been reaping the benefits of Uncle Tom’s tonic for years. The secret of Tom’s Tonic is that it is translocated quickly, through the leaves and of course through the roots of a plant. Uncle Tom’s tonic delivers the plant essential elements of potassium and phosphorus. At times of rapid growth, the improved uptake of phosphorus and potassium counters the soil fixation, creating the best possible plant growth conditions. Uncle Tom’s tonic contains absolutely no nitrogen but it still helps plants green up quickly, promoting lush growth. Potassium phosphite has been the subject of independent research that states it is one of the building blocks of life itself and as such can improve plant health and plant growth. This is true of roses as it is true of plants all over the world.
Potassium phosphite is one of the key ingredients in the orange and the avocado growing industry.

See our Brochure for all our available Rose Varieties

The Beauty of David Austin Roses

David Austin’s English roses are renowned for their intoxicating fragrance, stellar beauty and old-world charm. These roses are grown especially to retain their old rose feel while combining the modern advantages of exceptional health and repeat flowering.

Beautiful Flowers

These roses grow beautifully cupped, with many petals, in a classic rosette form.


The effervescence fragrance of these roses has won them acclaim and admirers the world over.


English Roses are particularly good climbers. They flower all the way down to their base.

Repeat Flowering

Over a season David Austin roses treat gardens with repeat flowerings.

Healthy & Disease Resistant

David Austin breeds are known worldwide for their disease resistance and their superb health.


David Austin Roses offer unparalleled versatility in the garden. Their stunning collection of roses means that David Austin Roses can take pride of place inside just about any garden.